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Uruguayan authorities have pledged to respond to complaints from the Spanish fleet fishing in the South Atlantic and which normally operates from the port of Montevideo where they call for supplies and cargo transshipments.

The complaints first appeared in early November in Galicia’s daily El Faro de Vigo, closely linked to the Spanish fishing industry, and was echoed in the Montevideo maritime press, which pointed out the potential huge losses if these vessels abandoned Montevideo, and returned to Spain or the African island republic of Cape Verde.

El Faro de Vigo reported that at the end of the squid season in the Falklands several vessels avoided Montevideo, involving thousands of tons, and some which normally make maintenance and repairs in a Uruguayan yard had left for Cape Verde.

This motivated a visit by the Uruguayan Transport and Public Works minister, Montevideo port authorities and Spanish embassy staff to the port to personally appraise the impact of such a move. Spanish vessels not only complain about costs, but also about stern docking because of lack of space, and anchoring in the Montevideo bay.

Although no specific measures were announced at the moment, it was announced by port authorities that works at a specific dock for fishing vessels, Capurro, had resumed and was soon expected to be opened.

Despite all the fact that there was an immediate reaction from Uruguayan authorities is an encouraging signal.

Source: MercoPress